This is my website.

It was Descartes who proclaimed “I think, therefore I am.”

Although I have never understood the gist of it, now I proclaim, “I have a website, therefore I am.” To elaborate, I am a 90-year old weirdo whose “Now I be…” is not according to norm. I am clinically happy, am unfamiliar with depression. I do have a consoling character that is often mistaken for trying to penetrate a person’s secrets. I often succeed with the result that they’ll hate me forever. With my rabbits at least, I do not have those problems. On the other hand, to quote Tevye from Sholem Aleychem’s, Fiddler on the Roof, (Tevye and his Daughters.) I do make some lifelong intimate friends, sometimes even lovers if I am lucky.

By background I am Dutch, Israeli and Texan, feeling at home in those three cultures. That is confusing to acquaintances, but that is not mine but their problem.